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Is Technology Changing Children’s Education?

Technology and Children’s Education

Whether you agree with it or not, technology is transforming children’s education. It changes the way children learn and the way teachers like myself are using the classroom. I have been teaching for many decades so I can attest the amount of changes. Some teachers believe it shortens their attention span. Classrooms are now filled with computers, smart boards, tablets, devices that didn’t exist when I was in grade school.

children's education
Children using computers for learning

The computers and iPads are part of our lives now, we can’t get rid of them. We must learn to live with them and use them to our advantage. Just because these devices are new doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad. There are some concerns, however, in general technology can aid in education and teaching more thoroughly. Being able to present information on the board more clearly may help certain students.

Devices in Class

The main device that is the issue in class are the cell phones. In the neighborhood I live in, children start getting phones in 5th grade. Since they are so excited about having phones they use it in school. Technology can be a problem when it distracts children and adults alike. The capabilities of phones make them the same thing as being on a computer.

The new iPhones allows the user to go on social media, YouTube, message friends and more. The only thing you can’t do on an iPhone is print. That appears to be the only way that phone differs from a computer. Although someday that will probably be a thing. As a teacher my main concern is giving the children the education they need.

children's education
Children doing their homework

Lowered Attention Span

With technology children have the ability of clicking in and out of a video. This means the moment they become excited or bored of something they make a quick decision. Also the availability of so much content on the internet makes all of us have lower attention spans. I click on another article once I get bored of the one I’m reading.

We are speculating here, but most teachers think the answer is yes. A study was conducted by a scientist about the effects of technology on children’s education. The study showed that the use of technology is affecting their attention spans and discouraging them from doing challenging tasks.