Alexa couldn't help us do a phone number lookup, but it did so much more.

Amazon Echo Saved A Mother’s Sanity During A Snowstorm

Sometimes I like to share stories that I hear from other parents. Considering that many of us live in the snow during the winter, I thought the following story would be a good one. A student of mine came into school one day and told me how she hung out with Amazon Alexa all day. When I saw her mother a few hours later, I asked about it. IT was a much more interesting story than a phone number lookup for sure.

The following as written by Mrs. Taylor:

“This winter has been brutal, and it’s not over yet. My kids have already had more than a full week of off school because of snow and freezing temperatures. If you have kids, you know that by day two of a week off from school the kids are climbing the walls and so are you. The weather was horrible so they couldn’t go outside to play, and we couldn’t go anywhere. It was me and them, trapped in the house, for many days. The stuff of nightmares. But, our Amazon Echo proved that it’s worth its weight in gold during those snow days.

Playing Games

Alexa is a pretty good scorekeeper. Alexa was able to suggest new family games and teach us how to play them. So when the kids were tired of video games and getting on each other’s nerves, and on mine, we were able to get in some family bonding time by playing games together. And since Alexa was the final vote when it came to the rules no one blamed each other for losing or accused anyone else of cheating. We had a blast. The kids actually worked together playing games like Scrabble. I joked about using Alexa to complete a phone number lookup, but the kids didn’t get it.

We wanted to do a phone number lookup but played music instead.
Alexa gives us so many options.

Telling Stories

When the kids got tired and cranky, Alexa read them some age-appropriate books that they loved. My kids wouldn’t read a book unless they weren’t forced to read, but they listened to Alexa read to them for hours. They got so entranced in the story, that they didn’t even notice that I sneaked upstairs for a little nap. The little ones fell asleep during the story time, but the older ones were so interested they listened all the way until the end of the story.

Dance Party

When the kids were brimming over with unused energy that they couldn’t burn off by playing outdoors, we had a family dance party. Alexa played 80s music, electronic music, and other music that the kids love better than a radio DJ. All the kids had to do was tell her what song they wanted to hear, and she played it. The kids danced for hours and then took a nap. That gave me a precious hour or so of quiet, and I was very grateful.

Family Meals

Since we had a lot of time to kill, and we couldn’t go anywhere, we also did some family cooking. Alexa read out recipes and helped us figure out measurements and conversions. We baked bread and made homemade soup, and we even made some cookies for dessert. The kids loved helping me cook and getting to make their own breads and cookies. One of my kids declared he now wants to go culinary school after spending the afternoon making delicious homemade soup. He may not end up in culinary school, but still it was a great experience that kept everyone interested and busy.

All in all, Alexa saved the week, and I had a blast with my kids.”

I thought it was so interesting to hear her story. I even laughed when she said she wanted to use Alexa to do a phone number lookup. Winter is dreary, but I’m happy the kids found a solution.