Your child might know how to use Snapchat to bully others.

4 Signs Your Child Might Be A Bully

There is a lot of awareness about bullying among kids these days. Many children know how to use Snapchat and other social media sites, where they can be exposed to cyberbullying. As such, parents are very worried about the possibility that their child is being bullied. But, too many parents aren’t looking for signs that their child is the bully. No one wants to think their child would cruelly and deliberately hurt one of their peers. However, parents need to be aware of these signs so they can step in and stop their child from hurting other kids. Here are 4 signs that might indicate that your child is a bully:

No Responsibility

If your child seems unwilling to take responsibility for his or her actions, that’s a major warning sign that they might be a bully. In most cases, bullies don’t take responsibility for their own behavior. Instead, they blame the victim and say that they were asking for it by dressing or acting a certain way, or simply being different. They may even go as far as learning how to use Snapchat to spread these messages around to their peers. Again, they’ll place all of the blame on the victim for “making them do it.”


Is your child aggressive, not just towards other kids, but towards you or other adults? Bullies often have unchecked aggressive streaks. If your child gets aggressive when he or she is frustrated, bored, or angry, they could be a bully. Kids who have a lot of aggression sometimes can’t control themselves and end up hurting other people without really intending to. If you’ve noticed that your child is overly aggressive with their siblings, other kids, pets, or you, then it’s time to take that seriously. The next step is to get help for your child, so they can deal with their aggression.


Does your child always have to be the star of every show? Do they always call the shots in their peer group? And do they always have to be the captain of the team, the leader of the club, or the most important person in the room? Did they learn how to use Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram to gain the attention of their peers? If so, then your child could be bullying others. Girls tend to bully through control and emotional manipulation, rather than physical acts. If your daughter is controlling, she could be bossing other girls around.

No Empathy

Does your child lack empathy?
Does your child empathize with their friends when they’re sad?

One of the biggest signs that your child could be a bully is a lack of empathy. Empathy is a basic human emotion that helps people understand the feelings of others. If your kid doesn’t have any empathy, then they won’t care that they’re hurting or upsetting someone else. That’s because they can’t imagine what it feels like to be hurt or mocked.

Lack of empathy is a very serious problem. If you notice that your child has a hard time identifying or caring about other people’s emotions, they might have the capacity to become a bully. Unfortunately, children who can’t empathize may face a lot of social and developmental problems. You should consult a professional child psychologist if you believe your child isn’t empathetic of their peers. You can also contact me – I’ll be happy to help you find a psychologist in your area.